Take Your Real Estate Website to the Next Level by Using These PRIVATE LABEL REAL ESTATE ARTICLES and Make More Sales Guaranteed!


Did you know that over 2 million people search the internet for real estate related information on a monthly basis? That’s a huge number. If you could attract a small percentage, your work would be done!

So, how do you do it? Well, the most effective strategy for attracting an army of hungry visitors is by publishing articles on your website. This is because search engines LOVE content, particularly articles. So the more content on your website, the better. That’s why anybody who understands internet marketing will tell you that, "Content is King!"

It is a known fact that the more web pages you have on your website, the more free traffic you will receive from search engines. That's because every new page that you add to your website gives search engines another entry point to send traffic to you.

Once visitors come to your site, articles play the role of influencing the visitor’s opinion in your favor and winning their confidence. Articles should be informative and intriguing. Undertaking research on several topics and writing keyword optimized articles is essential. However, this may not be possible to do given your busy schedule.

So, how can I help you? READ ON.

What I Offer

Your commitment to your business is exactly why I started my private label writing service. More than 50 new real estate articles are available every month, delivered instantly to the membership area. We undertake constant research on the real estate industry followed by thorough research of the keywords applicable.

Content or information is an intellectual property and cannot be freely used without the consent of the author. Unauthorized usage can result in serious damages.

Here at Real Estate Articles, you are given Full Private Label Rights. I give them to you to use in any way that you want and I do NOT claim to be the author. The reason for this is to help you build credibility with your customers. When your customers see that YOU are the author of these articles, they immediately view you as an industry expert. So who do you think your customers would do business with - an amateur real estate professional, or a published real estate expert?

What can you do with the Articles?

Claim Any Article as Your Own - Establish Yourself as the Expert to Your Customers
Use The Private Label Articles For Whatever Your Needs Are, Website Content, Newsletter and much more
Make Changes To The Original Private Label Products Content
Offer Private Label Articles As Free Bonuses To Read
Make your own E Book- Package Any Or ALL Of The Private Label Articles Together
Use the Private Label Articles and Create E-Courses Or Special Reports With Them

This saves you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars since you won't need to create and write your own content. If you are not tapping into this profitable niche market, you are not making the most of it!

Take advantage of someone else's writing and make it your own LEGALLY - with Private label rights content. Advance your business today!

Sampling Of Topics We Write About

These are some of the topics we write about. It’s not necessary that they may be repeated every month. To provide an in-depth coverage, we write about 3-5 Hot Topics every month


Real Estate Foreclosures, investing, how to find them, where to find them.
Commercial Real Estate Investing - and all ways you can
Residential Real Estate Investing - and all ways you can
Real Estate Development - both commercial and residential
Market Conditions Around the U.S. - hot markets and updates on overall U.S. conditions
Mortgages and Financing - all types of financing from traditional to creative
Home Rehabbing - flipping them, fixing them etc.
Selling Real Estate - via Agents or FSBO
Buying Real Estate - via agents or by yourself
PLUS- We Dedicate Up To 20 Articles a Month For Member Requests!


The Short Term Offer

I must tell you upfront that I have limited the number of real estate professionals that I will allow to use my private label articles to 200. As of today, there are only 20 membership spots left. If you want to benefit from these articles, register for my real estate article service today!.

I am charging a VERY low fee, and you will have the flexibility to cancel membership if you are not satisfied with our offerings.

Click here to take advantage of this fantastic offer!

Duplicate Content issues?

When a SINGLE website with the SAME domain uses the exact same content on several of their pages then the content is said to be duplicate. Think about it, unless you build a website in which all of the pages have the exact same content you DON’T have to worry about duplicate content.

When all is said and done there is still concern about the same article being present on multiple sites. This is precisely the reason why membership is limited to 200 people; of the 50 articles not everyone uses the same one.

On top of that, many members modify content, make eBooks out of them, use them for newsletters and so on. The likelihood of 2 members doing the exact same thing for the same market is very unlikely.

Also remember, you would be tweaking and fine tuning the article according to your specific requirements. If you ever feel duplication is taking place, you can unsubscribe. However, this has never happened. Duplication has never been an issue for customers canceling their subscription.

Membership is limited so secure your spot HERE!

When Are The Articles Posted?

We post articles the first week of every month. The articles are removed at the end of each month. This ensures you have access only to the current month of articles.

This keeps the content valuable as only current members have access to the current month’s articles. Sign up to get the latest Articles HERE.

Guidelines for usage of Articles

  • Article Database Submissions:
    All you need to do is just change it up a little bit to make it your own. This is very easy to do; simply rework the articles enough for Article Database Submissions. You need to add your own spin and additions, etc. to make the articles unique. This protects all of the members from posting the exact same articles to the same databases.

  • Grant Private Label Rights to your customers:
    Only my members have the legal rights to use the content as Private Label Rights. You cannot transfer private label rights to your customers.

Click here to take advantage of this fantastic offer so you do not miss out!

Membership AT a Glance:

More than 50 Fresh Articles Every Month ranging from 400-600 words
No More Than 199 Others Will Have Access
Articles Based on the Top Real Estate Related Keywords
Keyword Focused articles With Keyword Density of 1-3% and Keyword Name and Count
Make Suggestions For Real Estate Topics You Want Articles Written For - Up to 20 Articles a Month dedicated for Member Requested Topics
Articles posted for the current month, Removed when the new month is posted
Cancel Your Membership at Any Time
Next Month's Topics Posted In Advance In The Member Area So You Know What Is Coming Up
Bonus EBooks With Master Resell Rights (See Below For More Info!)

What Is The Value Of The Membership?

Finding quality web content is a total pain. You write it yourself or hire a ghostwriter for $20+ per article or worse still, use the same articles everyone else is using.

If you're still thinking whether to Sign Up or not, I’ll remind you what you can do with these 50 plus articles each and every month

• Profitable Reason #1:

Rewrite them and distribute them to article directories and newsletters. With your ad at the bottom - boost your link popularity, raise your Page Rank and send more visitors to your sites through viral re-distribution.

• Profitable Reason #2:

Start a profitable Auto responder course by providing useful content and slowly introducing your products and services to your readers! It's a fact: Educating your customer is one of the most effective ways to "sell" them on your offer.

• Profitable Reason #3:

Use the real estate articles and information as the foundation of an eBook or monthly newsletter!

• Profitable Reason #4:

Package a bunch of related articles together into a unique real estate report. Give this away as an incentive to hundreds of eager readers to your newsletter.

• Profitable Reason #5:

Sky-rocket the value of anything you're selling. Offer them as a bonus for buying your products, services or E Books.

6 Bonus Items with Resell Rights Included in Your Membership!

Download the following right after you sign up. Find them in the member’s area. They include product images, product, sales pages and logos!

real estate plr

How To Make Money From Traffic

"Advanced Guide Revealed Monetization Secrets Of The Gurus Or How To Make Money From Your Website. This Step By Step Video Series Teaches You Even More Advanced Techniques For Monetizing Your Website And Earning From Your Traffic..."

Worth $37.95

real estate content

Introduction to Clickbank

This is a basic video for those who want to know what Clickbank is and how you can sell products though it as affiliate or publisher.

With PLR Rights!

Worth $49.00

plr membership

PLR4 Newbies

“Discover The Secrets Of How To Create High-Demand, Quality Digital Products Without Wasting Thousands of $$$ & Countless Hours By Using Private Label Rights Products & Following Along With These Step-by-Step PLR For Newbies Videos!”

Worth $19.95

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Internet Marketing Basics Videos

"Do You Want To Start Your Own Internet Business Without Having To Pull Out Your Hair Wondering HOW To Do It? "

"It's Fast and Easy When You See Exactly How I Did It With My Step-By-Step Video Coaching Tutorials...."

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10 Easy Steps to a Google Friendly Page

Discover The Quick & Easy Way To Get A LOT More Visitors To Your Website For FREE With Just A Few Simple HTML Tweaks

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plr ebook How you can write your own sales letter that kills - which produces a minimum 2-4% conversion rate - and save $10l000 from hiring your own copywriter

Worth $47

There are only a limited number of membership spots available and once they are gone...they are gone! Order Now!

Act on your smart profitable and business decision...or your competitors will!




I hope you make the best of Real Estate Articles and boost your business.


David Aniston

Owner- Real Estate Articles – PLR

Happy Customer Building!

P.S. Have some questions before joining? Take a look at the FAQs or Click Here to email us with questions. - Remember only 200 memberships are available and they are going fast! No other PLR site offers you exclusive Real Estate Articles. You are getting what you want and need vs paying a lot more for content you will never use!

P.P.S. The introductory price of $29.00 will be removed VERY soon because I have received feedback from customers that the price is EXTREMELY LOW for what you receive. However, once you lock in at this low price I promise to never raise it! Furthermore, if you come back in 3 days and the price has increased to $49.97... I'm sorry but there is nothing that I can do. So buy now!

Secure your low price now

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